Water structure Bulkovec II. – reconstruction

Type of service

engineering design

Project documentation level
Documentation for building construction
LESY Slovenskej republiky, štátny podnik

The Bukovec II water reservoir is currently uncontrollable, mainly due to the missing bottom closure, and the structure cannot be considered safe and operational. Requirements for a solution:

  • The combined functional object (monoblock) is non-functional. The bottom closure was probably stolen (it is not visible at all), the control rod is missing and therefore the discharge of the reservoir, or the control of the flow regime in the reservoir is not possible at all.
  • There is a lack of an access walkway to control the bottom drain (the walkway as a whole along with the walkable grate and railing),
  • Concrete parts of the functional intake object are damaged in several places, locally the steel reinforcement is exposed
  • The crown of the dam was damaged by the passage of heavy machinery - deep ruts were created, which were temporarily filled with crushed stone
  • On the left side of the air side of the dam culvert at the mouth into the waste channel, there is suspicion on the part of TBD that leaks are occurring
  • Removal of overgrowth and damage to the outflow channel behind the dam culvert in a length of approximately 7.0m.